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Bästa radion kommer från Österrike

För alla som är trötta på mainstream-musiken som invaderat de ”normala” radiokanalerna och MTV finns det internetradio från Österrike som håller världsklass i riktigt bra musik – fm4. Praktiskt nog modereras nästan allt på engelska. Kanalen hittar ni här.

FM4 is the brain-child of a group of radio producers who, in 1994, made it their goal to create an on-air space which reflected the increasingly relevant alternative music scene and culture plus the steadily growing alternative music scene in Austria.

As of the 16th of January, 1996, FM4 went on air in the form of a six-hour evening program platform on Blue Danube Radio. In 1997, FM4 added another five hours to that programming and the ‘split station’s respective teams decided to unite and come up with a new concept, the result of which turned out to be the ‘new’ FM4 which went on-air as a 24-hour bilingual youth-oriented radio station on January 2nd, 2000.

Though bilingual, English is spoken predominatly (all programming is in English from 1 am until 2 pm). The News bulletins are read in English and twice a day, they are even read in French. FM4’s hosts and on-air guests are encouraged to follow FM4’s ‘Native Speaker Principle’ and speak in their mother tongue.

Fm4 is obligated to present all that’s new and what others may consider ‘risky’ not just on-air but on-line as well. Although it is an official mandate of the public Austrian Broadcasting Corporation to provide quality educational and cultural programming, the passionate and talented FM4 team can’t help but deliver exactly that.

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